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Calle 6 Norte Bis.
Playa del Carmen, Q.R., 77710

We teach Spanish as a foreign language, whether group intensive or semi-intensive courses, private or semi-private classes, Learn on the go (learn while travelling), classes on Skype, and a wide array of cultural and recreational activities.




Why start a blog about learning Spanish by a post on whale sharks?

Because if you´re thinking of taking a Spanish course in Mexico, remember that from May to September, you can swim with whale sharks very close to Playa del Carmen.

There are only about 10 locations in the world where this is possible and the warm waters of Mexico´s Quintana Roo state draw more whale sharks than any other place in the world.

Whale sharks are the size of a whale but they are fish, they are both the largest shark and the largest fish (40 to 50 feet long). Born quite small (just about one foot long), whale sharks can give birth to around 300 pups at a time. In spite of the huge, impressive size they reach, they are totally harmless….. they only eat plancton and fish….  The only danger would be to get hit by their tail, but all necessary precautions are taken during the tours to avoid such incidents.

Whale sharks are so representative of our area that they are on all Quintana Roo license plates.

Not only is this a unique experience not to be missed if you are in the area at this time of the year,  it is really a good reason to choose to learn Spanish in Playa del Carmen from May to September so you don´t miss that! At Agora Language Center we can help you organize this tour and combine it with a great weekend on Holbox island.